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Intercept Anti-Tarnish Foam Pad
Sku: E0002

50cm Adjustable Sterling Silver Chain With Clasp Triple Gold Plated

Heart Pendant On Chain 22x26mm
Sku: O0075SE/C

Heart Pendant On Chain 22x26mm
Sku: O0075GE/C

Elephant Pendant 25x22mm
Sku: O0052GE

Stainless Steel Cable Chain 2.5mm 45cm Pack Of 12
Sku: SR471/45

Stainless Steel Medi-Alert Bracelet 8mm 21cm
Sku: SR365

Stainless Steel Medi-Alert Bracelet 12mm 22cm
Sku: SR364

Stainless Steel Medi-Alert Bracelet 10mm 21cm
Sku: SR363

Sterling Silver Viking Ring 19mm
Sku: T0066

Sterling Silver Scarab Ring 9mm
Sku: T0062

Sterling Silver Dragon Pentagram Ring 13mm
Sku: T0061

Sterling Silver Sapphire Ring 13mm
Sku: T0043

Sterling Silver Gents Pentagram Ring 20mm
Sku: T0034

Sterling Silver Eagle Ring 21mm
Sku: T0012

Sterling Silver Wide Ring 16mm
Sku: D0059

Sterling Silver Ornate Filigree Ring 28mm
Sku: D0057

Sterling Silver Filigree Crown Ring 8mm
Sku: D0049

Sterling Silver Triquetra Heart Ring 11mm
Sku: D0048

Stainless Steel Celtic Black Stone Ring IP Gold 17mm
Sku: SQ027

Stainless Steel Biker Ring IP Gold 22mm
Sku: SQ026

Stainless Steel Bramble Band Ring 8mm
Sku: SQ025

Stainless Steel Viking Ring with IP Gold 18mm
Sku: SQ024

Stainless Steel Snake Ring with Red Eyes15mm
Sku: SQ023

Stainless Steel Linked Band Ring 6mm
Sku: SQ022

Stainless Steel Tiger Ring 28mm IP Gold Plated
Sku: SQ021

Stainless Steel Barbed Wire Band Ring 8mm
Sku: SQ020

Stainless Steel Broken Line Band Ring 8mm
Sku: SQ017

Stainless Steel Celtic Band Ring 8mm
Sku: SQ014

Stainless Steel Celtic Band Ring 8mm
Sku: SQ013

Stainless Steel Gold Patterned Band Ring 8mm
Sku: SQ011

Stainless Steel Celtic Weave Band Ring 9mm
Sku: SQ005

Stainless Steel Woven Band Ring 9mm
Sku: SQ004

Stainless Steel Triquetra Band Ring 8mm
Sku: SQ003

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