Beading supplies for Jewellery making. All kinds of beads. Glass, Swarovski crystal, Metal, Sterling Silver, Semi-precious Stone, Acrylic, Bone, and seed beads.

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8mm Faceted Acrylic Bead Mix Approx 460
Sku: HB066

250g Pack Glass Beads – Inside Swirl Mix Approx 100
Sku: BB008

Silver Plated Filler Bead – 6mm Pack Of 100
Sku: AF054SE

6x9mm Hematite Oval Beads 45cm Approx 50
Sku: P0016H18"

Out of Stock

250g Pack Glass Beads – Basic Rainbow Approx 125
Sku: BB014

Out of Stock

4mm Howlite Turquoise Beads 40cm Approx 100
Sku: H0004HOWTU16

250g Glass Beads – 10mm Clear Disk Approx 325
Sku: BB436

250g Glass Beads – Opaque Purple Mix Approx 130
Sku: BB465

250g Glass Beads – Royal Rainbow Approx 150
Sku: BB356

250g Glass Beads – Opaque Aqua Mix Approx 130
Sku: BB468

Out of Stock

Czech Fire Polished Glass Bead Assortment
Sku: QB033

250g Pack Glass Beads – Clear Royal Mini Approx 1400
Sku: BB454

250g Pack Glass Beads – Clear Red Mini Mix Approx 1400
Sku: BB453

Assorted Glass Bead Strands
Sku: QB060

250g Glass Beads – Disco Gold Approx 135
Sku: BB434

250g Glass Beads – Amber Rainbow Approx 250
Sku: BB333

250g Glass Beads – Opaque Mauve Approx 145
Sku: BB036

Silver Plated Filler Bead – 4mm Pack Of 200
Sku: AF066S

250g Pack Glass Beads – Opaque Black Mini Approx 1400
Sku: BB457

250g Glass Beads – Disco Lolly Pink Approx 130
Sku: BB449

250g Glass Beads – Pink Rainbow Tube Approx 145
Sku: BB476

250g Glass Beads – Green Rectangular Wine Approx 55
Sku: BB424

250g Pack Glass Beads – Opaque White Mini Approx 1400
Sku: BB456

250g Pack Glass Beads – Clear Emerald Mini Approx 1400
Sku: BB455

250g Glass Beads – Opaque Blue Approx 130
Sku: BB037

4mm Ruby Zoisite Beads 40cm Approx 100
Sku: H0004RZ40

Out of Stock

Silver Plated Filler Bead – 3.2mm Pack Of 200
Sku: AF042SE

250g Glass Beads – Frosted Diamond Approx 150
Sku: BB443

6x6x2mm Hematite Heart Beads 45cm Approx 75
Sku: P0021H18

Out of Stock

250g Glass Beads – Disco Caramel Mix Approx 145
Sku: BB317

250g Glass Beads – Disco Mauve Mix Approx 130
Sku: BB450

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